How Does it Work?

  • Employee submits a report via the online form or toll-free voicemail inbox.
  • Phone submissions are recorded, transcribed into text, and transcript made available to your Collective Risk Management Team® (CRMT).
  • When a report is made, your organization's CRMT is notified within one business day.
  • If you specify the name of a CRMT member in your report, this person will be excluded from receiving the report.
  • Once the CRMT has reviewed the report, they determine the best course of action.
  • Recordings are kept by iLearningEngines® and can only be provided to your organization under subpoena, protecting your anonymity.

Our Process

Access Code

Your organization's unique access code should be provided to you by your employer. You can find this code on your EPL Workplace Poster, Employee Handbook, or by contacting HR.

Create Report

If you wish to remain anonymous, state this in the report and/or do not include your information. Include critical information like the names of individuals involved, location, date and time, and any witnesses.

Submit Report

Use your Access Code to submit your report via the online form below or by calling 800-576-5262. You will hear a beep to indicate recording has started.

What's Next?

The report is sent to your organization's Collective Risk Management Team (CRMT) to review and take further action. Remember, if you mention someone's name or other identifying information in your report and they are a part of your organization's CRMT, this person will be excluded from receiving the report.


What is the Collective Risk Management Team?
The Collective Risk Management Team, or CRMT for short, is a designated person, or group of people, at your organization who all receive reports submitted through the EPL. CRMT members have taken on the responsibility of reading, addressing, and taking action regarding submitted reports.
Online written reports and phone transcribed reports from EPL voicemails are provided to the CRMT verbatim (as is)-we do not make any edits to reports. The only exception is if the report specifies the desire to remain anonymous. EPL associates will remove identifying information that may have been accidentally shared in this case. Otherwise, reports are shared with your organization's CRMT verbatim. To remain anonymous, do not provide your name or any identifying information in your report, or be sure to express your desire to remain anonymous.
iLearningEngines will not communicate with you after a report is submitted. Once a report is made to the EPL, the CRMT at your organization is responsible for taking action. If your report is anonymous, do not expect to hear directly from your employer. If you provided your contact information or asked for a follow-up, this is at the discretion of your employer. An internal investigation in your workplace may take place, but you may not be aware of it. If you want to know if a report has been investigated and what the outcome is, ask your HR department or a CRMT member.

Submit Report

Call 911 in cases of emergencies or crimes in progress

The Employee Protection Line provides two mechanisms for making reports: an online form or a voice recording via phone. Both reporting methods are accessible 24/7.

Online Form

Voice Recording